On 21 May 2012, the Azzedine Kettani Foundation was created for the purpose of:

  1. Promoting the culture in general, and the legal culture by all means among which :

    • Organizing and/or supporting by any means, including financial, cultural events such as conferences, seminars or others, within universities or any other locations in Morocco or abroad;
    • Providing scholarships to support the most deserving students in the pursuit of their studies, and notably their legal studies;
    • Distinguishing every year one or more doctoral theses of private law completed in the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences of Hassan II University Ain-Chock Casablanca by the “AZZEDINE KETTANI price for the promotion of legal culture”;
    • Collaborating with and supporting any organization or association within the universities aiming to ensure a better environments for students;
    • Contributing to the development of research, including legal research, in any faculty, institute or jurisdiction or other bodies, by the creation of libraries in all forms, including virtual ones, and also by developing existing ones;
    • Creating in the offices of the Foundation or elsewhere, a library which access will be free for the students, and by providing it with an annual operating budget according to the financial availabilities of the foundation.

  2. Promoting all forms of social and humanitarian actions by all means, to the benefit of the indigents, working with and providing support to humanitarian organizations engaged in this direction;

  3. Acquiring or leasing the assets necessary to its activity and to the accomplishment of the objectives described above.

  4. And in general, perform all actions that would directly or indirectly be linked to the objectives described above.

This foundation is Azzedine Kettani’s expression of his desire to return to the Law Faculty of Casablanca a little of what it gave to him during 45 years.

It is also a way to help the students and researchers who are dear to the founder’s heart.

News of the FAK

Two publications have been released thanks, notably, to the support of the Foundation Azzedine Kettani:

  • Publication of the “Actes du Centenaire” of the DOC
  • Publication of a compendium of arbitral precedent cases collected by Me Omar Azouggar with the support of the Foundation Azzedine Kettani.

These publications are available for order at Kettani Law Firm.

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